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This just takes too long. It can comment in HTML, JavaScript, SQL, C#, CSS—you name it! For commenting out multiple lines of code in Python is to simply use a # single-line comment on every line: # This is comment 1 # This is comment 2 # This is comment 3 For writing “proper” multi-line comments in Python is to use multi-line strings with the """ syntax Python has the documentation strings (or docstrings) feature. Block Comments. Any text between /* and */ will be ignored by JavaScript. Every form element in HTML must be enclosed by the form tag. First open the file in vim editor: $ vim ostechnix… Block-level comments, or multi-line comments, are long-form annotations used to introduce and explain a section of code. HTML comments are not displayed in the browser, but they can help document your HTML source code. If you’ve got the cursor on a line with no highlighting, it’ll just comment the line from the start of your code. The label tag gives the name of the text box, which in this case is "Additional Comments:".. After this, we now create the actual multi-line text input. Usually, to comment out a line, we place the cursor at the beginning of the line, press i, and type #. That all depends on what you’ve selected with your cursor. In some cases, you might need to make HTML comment out notes in multiple lines. The closing comment tag --> will always end the comment section so if your comment includes a comment the closing tag of your included comment will end the comment section. Check the source code for multi-line comment. The comment shortcut will also lay down comments on a single line or multiple lines. 26.5.2 Multiple Lines of Comments. Now, if I have to hide out some portion of the view template, in case of php I would just select the desired code and put single-line comments (using a shortcut key most of the times). The tags used to separate HTML comments from the rest of the text are simple: You can also use them for multiline HTML comments: Comments are also great for debugging HTML, because you can comment out HTML lines of code, one at a time, to search for errors: Example

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